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CB750 SOHC CRUSH GASKETS, the Real deal for your exhausts.

I always have to hunt down New Crush Gaskets when I remove an exhaust and now I am fortunate enough to be able to buy them in bulk to use for my jobs and now offer to you so you can fit your New exhaust system. Years ago as a kid I would try and put the old flat ones in boiling water and some would pop back into shape lol, but these are the way to go and OEM, none of that Chinese rubbish.

I sell many of my 4 into exhausts and now you can buy the crush gaskets to complete the operation in one package and your good to go.

These come as a set of FOUR and are easy to fit, but just to help you out, here is what I do when I need to remove the old Gaskets, as when you take your old exhaust off, you may not notice the copper, as the carbon build up turns them black.

So, I use a Pick and pull on the gasket as then you will see the Copper as you break the carbon and then simply pull the gasket out.

You will notice the old ones are indeed Crushed flat, and that’s how they seal, by crushing and filling out the exhaust port area.

Then to fit the New ones, I just squeeze gently on the Gasket to send them a tad out of shape and then push them in the Cylinder head, and they wont fall out as I have put them a bit out of round, not much, but enough to stop them slipping out if you are trying to fit the exhaust on your own, which I have done many times.

If you order your 4 into 1 system, make sure you grab a set of these as the after market versions are terrible and do not seal, stick with the tried and tested method and have a leak free life on the road. You will be happy that you chose these compared to many aftermarket versions, I have used these for over 30 years and I still have not found better, so if you have a 1969-1978 CB750 big inline Four HONDA, then these are the Exhaust gaskets you will need.



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