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Ever rode anywhere and the gas cap latch gives out? or the locking one will not lock or pop open?

I did many times and that’s why now, I use Brand new genuine Honda Parts where ever I can as not only is the quality awesome, the bloody stuff fits.

Have a look and see what you think? As this is a great set up and works also on many Honda models too.

This will fit the CB500 CB550 and the CB750 as Honda were clever enough to make many of their models have interchangeable parts.

We will always help you via email tonup@att.net  or by phone 714-598-8392 and are glad to hear what you are building, as we all share the same interest, we generally love what we do and what you lot get up to in the garage, wrenching on your ride.


Here are just some of the bikes I have used the gas cap and latch on:














Weight 0.5 lbs