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I have used these Copper Crush Gaskets for Decades and prefer the Genuine product as they crush well and seal the cylinder head better than any other gaskets, these come as a set of 4 and are ready to use on your DOHC Honda CB750.


These are for your bike if it is from 1979-1983, the good old DOHC 750 HONDA.

We do this by using a small pick and they pull out with a little swearing.

These are easy to remove but sometimes hard to see as of course they are all sooty from carbon build up, but a pick or small screw driver will show the copper as you scrape it.

Simply add the new copper gaskets and then fit your system,making sure that you sequence the tightening so the exhaust flanges seat flat and true


We have these in stock and over this year alone have sold over 1000 of these puppies.

I sell them as a lot of Four and wont use anything else other than genuine Honda ones, the aftermarket ones just do not seal sufficiently for my liking.




Weight .2 lbs