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I know many of you have a squeaky brake as the pads are rubbing and a lot of that is the adjustment or a shiny set of pads, but most of the adjusters I have seen over the years have had the end broken off from years of adjusting etc.


We have a simple fix for that issue , and that is a brand New one that is a Genuine HONDA part, this is all now ready to ship and you can fit right away and stop them squeaky blues.


If you look on the parts site you will see we sell the spring and everything you need for the cb750 HONDA and we want to be your one stop shop and get the parts out to you as fast as we can so you can continue riding your favorite ride.


We have plenty of these in stock, as we use parts everyday in the bikes we build and the many we service, so may as well make these now available to you lot and I hope we can help you out and get you back on the road again.



Weight 0.2 lbs