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Well, it was time for me to replace the pads on one of my rides and, for many moons I have been using the EBC set up and have always had Zero issues with these products.

Seeing as its actually a British company, I thought that not only will I continue to use this product on all my machines, I would actually be a Dealer for the brand and I have sold over 2000 sets of these over the years and continue to do so.  I used to buy from this company even when I was 17 years young, this year I am 60 and EBC still pushes the barrier when it comes to top brake pads and shoes as well as many other items for Motorcycles.


I have always used these and now I am making these brake pads available to you. This is for all CB750 Honda SOHC models from 1969 up to 1976 K series. These are a great brake pad and I am sure you at some point, need to change your brakes? I also sell the rear brake shoes for your model too, so grab both sets whilst you are here.

Every Motorcycle I have created get these brake pads on the front and of course My New stainless Piston too, we sell all you need for your CB750, so check the site for other great parts. I thoroughly recommend using this brand and it has kept me up on two wheels for over 40 years now,


These Brake Pads are produced using the famous Dupont Kevlar Fiber in conjunction with other high tech fibers, which provide a Soft Feel and prevent Surface Scorching under load.  Most EBC Organic Pads have Expansion Grooves, which reduce noise and prevents cracking.


The Organic Pads are Easier on your Brake Rotors and offer a Unique Braking Feeling, preferred by many riders. They offer Superb all around Value as Replacement Pads for your Motorcycle.

I have had many miles of smiles using these pads, easy to fit and never had one that has caused me an issue, brakes are what you Really on and I cannot emphasize enough the Quality of these Brake pads that I sell on my website, these will save your life compared to many that will not.





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