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Many of you are rebuilding or revamping your inline four and have noticed that your throttle cables are as slack as Grandads eating pants.


Well, every bike I build or service, always has genuine HONDA cables, as I have tried many aftermarket ones and they are either too long, or just do not last.


I am sure that you would prefer no issues and worry free riding, as a throttle cable breaks for a couple of reasons.

1. You buy a cheap aftermarket made version.

2. You do not lubricate your cables after a few thousands miles, and let them go Rusty.


So I just stick wit the New and even though they are more expensive, I have no issues with these and they last the length of time with no problems and that is what I like.

So- I am now offering these to you, and this one is for Throttle A cable, it is brand new and ready to fit to your Throttle tube.

These Cables will indeed give you miles of smiles and have for me for many years.

Have a look at the photos and if you need some, well just go to the shopping cart and order all of the cables you need, as I sell all of them.

I am pleased to offer them to you as many ask me and thought it was time I did, so here you go.


You should soon be able to purchase EVERYTHING you need to rebuild your ole 500 pounder on here, so make sure you keep checking the parts pages for more and more cool parts.





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