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Air Filter 39mm Pod Filter SET OF 4 HONDA CB750 SOHC 1969-1976


Affordable Pod filters that I have fitted to Hundreds of Motorcycles over the years.

Looking for Pod Air Filters for your ride?  Well you have come to the right place, I have been fitting these filters over here for over 23 years now and they are value for money, I have sold over 2000 sets of these and continue to do so.

These are great value for money and if you clean them when you service your machine, then these will last for many many moons, these are cheap alternative to expensive air filters, and as long as you make sure you clean these and lube them, they will be fine on your machine.

If you want that old school look of your ride, be it a Cafe Racer, Chopper, Brat, Tracker, slick Custom or a inline four Classic, then here you are, the pod filter is a great set up if you want to retire that big ugly Black Plastic Box that is on all stock machines, a simple hose clamp tightens these to your carbs and then re-jet to a bigger main and you are all set to get back on the tarmac.


Easy to fit, just push on, tighten hose clamp then you are set but, remember, you will now be taking in more air, so you will most likely need to adjust the amount of fuel you will now require, the rule of thumb is run fat, until you run even.


Usually 2 sizes bigger on your main jet is ample enough to give the right amount of gas needed for a smooth transition, but- if you find that the motor is bogging down on acceleration, go up another jet size and see if it evens out, as 99% just 2 sizes is all you need to adjust to.

We ship all over the globe, these come as a set of 4, and I ship direct to you via Priority mail services.



Many applications that these will fit, here are just a few that use the same size filter.

  • Honda CB750K 69-76
  • Honda CB550F/K
  • Honda CB125RS/T
  • Honda XL125S/RC
  • Kawasaki KZ400A/550A-C-D/650B-C
  • Suzuki DR125s, GS550 Thru 79
  • Yamaha DT125, XT125

I ship all over the globe and am here to help you with your machine anytime.




Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in