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Every Now and again I get a few extra parts and then clean them up like they are brand New, and offer them on my Bargain basement page and here is one perfect Upper Triple tree that you will have to agree.  It’s cleaner than your Cats Arse.

Take a real close look and see for yourself, this is a Jewel in the crown for your inline four Honda CB550, I have taken a few photos on here so that you can get to see how nice this particular piece is.

As you look closer, you will notice this is like new, now- There are a few options that you can do here, you can paint it semi gloss Black and have it look the same as factory, or you can polish this to a chrome finish as the aluminum is ready to have cutting soap applied if you so wish.

So, if you are building a cool Cafe Racer Project, a nifty looking Brat style Machine, or restoring to Original, this will be right up your alley, most you see are filthy or chipped to hell and need stripping and repainting etc, and you know how long that takes.

This is just like it came out of the foundry back in the 1970’s before it got painted, I wanted to give you a lot of pics and close up snaps too, just to see what you are going to be getting if you decide to purchase this Upper Triple Tree from me.

I only have one of these right now, getting hard to get hold of these days and, need a lot of cleaning up to get it how you see this right now, there is no paint, oil, or any sort of contaminant on this upper tree and once this is gone, I don’t think I have any more 550 ones left in the Barn, so grab this whilst you can.

I know you will be studying the pics and rightly so, this is not cheap, but it has been cleaned and then Vapor honed and then cleaned again, there is nothing in the pours of this casting and great for someone out there that has a CB550 that they are working on.

This will also make a super cool Birthday gift for family or friend that has an inline Four CB550 Honda, as this is not what you can pick up anywhere on a whim, I am more than certain that who ever gets this triple tree, will be super amazed at the condition of this.

A great parts for anyone that has a CB550 Honda and ready for you to paint or polish right out of the box, I will pack this up nicely and fit in a decent box so that this arrives as fresh as it looks right now.

Thank you for looking, I ship Globally and help you on the Custom form too, if you need more photos or any more information on this or any of my parts for that matter, you can simply drop me a line at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or you can drop me a dime at 714-598-8392 as well as text me on that number and I will always reply.




Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 2 in


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