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Shorter 39mm Pod Air Filters for CB500 CB550 Four, these will not touch your frame rails


                                                                     SHORTY POD FILTERS TO CLEAR YOUR FRAME ON 500 & 550 Honda Four Motorcycles.

Small size 39mm high flow tapered air filter pod set for CB550, CB750 and others. Fits the CB550 without hitting the frame like other larger filters! Comes with mounting clamps. Keep in mind, for the bike to run smoothly, you may need to install larger jets and make other adjustments to match the higher air flow. The rubber mounts are flexible and can be mounted on 38mm and 40mm carburetor flanges. 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to measure your carburetor prior to purchase. Also measure how much room you have between the carburetor and the frame or any side covers. Use the dimensions below to see if these will work on your bike. Just because the filters fit the carbs doesn”t mean they”ll fit in the bike without some obstruction.

39mm ID where it mounts to the carburetors
50mm air filter length
70mm total length including rubber
61mm outer diameter of the filter

Fits Honda:
CB550F Super Sport – 1975-1977
CB550K – 1974-1978
CB750A Automatic – 1976
CB750F Super Sport – 1975-1976
CB750K – 1969-1976

Fits Kawasaki:
KZ550A – 1980-1983
KZ550C LTD – 1980-1983
KZ550D/H GPZ – 1981-1983
KZ650B/F – 1977-1980

Fits Suzuki:
GS550 – 1977-1979
GS550E – 1977-1979
GS550L – 1979


I have used these for a while now and really like them, most of the pod filters for the 500 and 550 are too long in the body and the outer filters will not fit, due to the contour of the frame at the rear of the motor, this eliminates any of those issue, giving you a sporty custom look and gets your ride back on the tarmac.


These are great Value for money and being light, they are cheaper to ship to you too, remember to up jet your Carbs if the Motor holds back when you open the throttle, More air means more fuel and usually 2 sizes bigger on the main jet will sort that right out.

These will also fit the Bigger brother CB750 as well.




Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in


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