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Wheel Bearing Retainer Socket (Front) S.O.H.C.



 photo 043_zps55004bed.jpg


Here we go with one of our Newest designs, this time I wanted to make a good tool to remove the front hub wheel bearing and try and save the Original retainer if possible, and 99% of the time you will destroy the old one with a chisel and hammer.

So, we came up with this idea and it works on ALL the bikes that we build, I will also have the rear hub socket available on the parts pages too, so check them both out.

 photo 050_zps6964b851.jpg


We made these here in house and then sent them out to get chromed, and this is such a handy tool to own.

 photo 049_zps29a0b0cc.jpg


Seeing as I use mine all the time, I thought I would offer them to you the public and stop you climbing the walls trying to get your retainer undone.

 photo 048_zps61128a3d.jpg

All the tools you will need is a ratchet and that’s it, you can go and remove the retainer, but remember to remove the Oil seal first.

 photo 045_zps694cdb1b.jpg

But a great tool to get you out of trouble if you cannot get that alloy retainer to budge.

 photo 044_zps73619f47.jpg

Even if you only use this once, it will save you so much time and frustration that’s for sure.

Always keep it in your tool box for the next wheel bearing job- or even lend it to your mate and stop him crying too.



Weight .6 lbs