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Stainless Steel Reverse Cone Megaphone 13′ X 1.75 Universal fit


I have just started to use these 13 inch reverse cone Megaphones and they are made from 304 Stainless Steel, brushed finish and have a Perforated Core to give that Unique Bark that you may remember from the Classic TT bikes of the day when the Reverse Cone Megaphone was the choice of exhaust back then.

Now you can relive that sound and performance as these are a great set up for any machine that will work with this set up, the megaphone is 13 inches in length and the I.D. of the slip on fit is 1.75 or an inch and three quarter, and slide this onto your header pipe for a great sound of Yesteryear. Easy to fit, just push on and tighten clamp and you are done.

As you can see megaphones help with expanding the air and shoot pressure waves upstream that can help to pull some exhaust gasses out. These pressure waves are only for a certain RPM range and not all, so in exhaust theory you want this to be you peak HP.

Fixing unwanted pressure waves from exhaust tubing is still a difficult task even today. As hot exhaust pulses travel through a pipe they create pressure waves that can effect the way hot gas escapes and returns back into the cylinder.

The shape, size, and the radius bends of the exhaust manifold determines the frequency of the waves. Since none of the exhaust runners are going to be similar in shape, radius bends, and length, this causes a problem with frequency tuning all the exhaust runners together.

By tuning I mean synchronizing the pulses to where one passes by, and creates a lower pressure field to help pull the next firing order out.

So, if you plan on a 4-into-1 header that may need a little something for some top end (NA street header, not race). To be certain you would have to run a baseline with a straight tube header with your specific set up and dyno it along with a megaphone Muffler. I guess to improve your breathing you would have to have a Masters degree in pneumatic systems, a flow bench and welding skills or you can ask someone who knows your set up & goals.
So if you need a 1.75 or inch and three quarter muffler that not only looks great but sounds amazing, due to the perforated baffle inside, this is your ticket right here, these are sold separately.
Brushed stainless will give you no trouble at all and great longevity too as well as super value, ideal for your Motorcycle no matter what brand.



Dimensions 13 × 4 × 4 in


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