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Well, you wait and wait and do not see any nice quality frogmouth Scoops these days, I have hunted around for some time and to no avail. I run Two 97 Strombergs on my Roadster and have not been happy with any of the after market air scoops that are out there.

So it was time to try something else, and now i have the pleasure of offering you these awesome Aluminum Frogmouth Scoops for your ride, these are so nice, superb Casting Quaity and above all, not of that made in China rubbish that seems to flood the industry.

These are so well made by a caster with many decades of experience and when you see the weight and finish of this product, you will be smiling I promise you.

So, here they are, they are cast from 6061 and have that really Nostalgic styling with the Finned lines running down the stack.

These will fit the Stromberg 97 series as well as the Holley 94 series, I shall soon be offering them for Rochesters too, so keep checking back.

These are priced individually and they are ready to use, you can if you want fully polish these and I shall offer that option on here a little later on.

Priced really well, these have already been selling and I will also be offering New Speed Equipment to you from more scoops, to velocity stack to intahe manifolds and soon a really nice set of heads too.

Lastly I shall also be offering 4 banger speed equipment, so keep checking my Hot Rod pages for more items.

Having a passion for this makes a huge difference from some fella flogging stuff just because its a business, I live and breathe this stuff and love to help.

So what ever you are building, be it a sing;le carb to a 6 carb special, these scoops are the real deal if you are looking for quality.

I ship Globally and pack well, I also make sure to fill all the documentation out so you do not get the duty fee’s, and I also tick the Gift box too, so you should be all set.

So- email me for shipping quote with your full address, want to make sure that you are happy.

If you love Nostalgia, then you are going to love these frog mouth scoops for sure and YES, these do indeed have screen filters in them too, just check out the photos.


Here is my 28 Roadster and I simply removed the cheapo look Speedway versions and added the Cool Finned Frog Mouth Scoops, easy to fit, 5 minutes or less and you are done.


These are a great Nostalgic look and you can polish them if you so wish, fit Rochesters too. you can TEXT or call on 714-598-8392 for more info, I have a lot more coming, so stay tuned….

Another Things that I noticed, the motor breathed so much better, the speedway ones were too restrictive with their cheap paper filter, these are bang on and glad I made the switch, runs a lot cleaner.

New Frogmouth Scoops Available for 97’s & 94’s.

Posted by Steve Richard Carpenter on Friday, July 13, 2018

New Frogmouth Scoops Available for 97’s & 94’s.

Posted by Steve Richard Carpenter on Friday, July 13, 2018



Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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