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Many people ask me about my Motors and how I get them to look as they do, well it is quite simple, I get the paint made in a aerosol can and I have been using this for over 16 years now, so easy to use and really changes the look of your engine.


Don’t buy that rubbish you see at swap meets, try mine, you will be impressed and what can be more easier, just clean your engine and then once dry, scuff with a Green pad and spray, thats it. Great very High temperature hard wearing paint.


This is for my Super cool Wrinkle paint as this not only looks great and Nostalgic, it helps with engine cooling as the wrinkles forces to agitate the air over the motor and you get better cooling.


Now thats a good thing and  use this paint in Wrinkle or the Silver smooth on my website, just look up high Temp paint and you will find the other color.


These gets shipped via FED ex as we cannot send post office as these are in a pressurized container, so Ground is the only way these can be mailed to you. 



Have a look and see what you think, but I love the Wrinkle on the Motors I have completed and sets you apart from the rest.


I have these in stock and ships right away, one can will do the motor but 2 cans always handy to keep handy.


This is a great product and has a number of qualities that many paints do not have, as this is VHT and having wrinkle surface, catches the air and dissipates the heat so much faster, making your motor function at it best optimum temperature.



Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


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