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2.5 Inch Tachometer for the CB750K CB750F CB750A Honda SOHC


Well, I have acquired some cool Original parts from a Speed shop in Tokyo that have been on their shelves since the mid 1970’s.


Check these out and of course I use these on my builds too, what I like about these particular models is that they work great for the CB750 Honda, be it a CB750K a CB750F or even a CB750A, these are a great set up and I am selling as a Tach on its own but look on my website and you will see the Speedometer in case you need that but will offer a SET on the site too.


Looks so cool in the original Black white and chrome embellishment, it is just the ticket for your ride that you have. With a face diameter of 2.5 in. and an overall depth of only 2-1/8 in. –  you can put these just about anywhere.


The body is chrome with a nice lip around the piece to embellish the front end of your motorcycle.


The tach has a ratio of 1:4 so many Metric bikes will be able to use this set up. But especially CB750 Honda inline four machines and I have used them close to 20 years here now.


Also 2.5 inch diameter makes this a winner, a very neat and tidy set up and, with the purchase of the its brother – the speedometer, you will have a great set of instruments.

It is universal and I have fitted on many bikes over the years and people come back to buy from me again and again, so easy to fit and wire and back on the road in minutes.


Have a look and see what you think, it might be just what you are looking for? They are sleek, Classic and ready to go from right out of the box.


I ship globally too, and have dome for 24 years.  Have a look and see what you think but these ones I use are great value for money and simple to fit.



Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in