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Man of you people ask me where I source my parts from and how to get them and, I am now in a position to supply you with ALL the parts that I use to build my creations.

So this time, I am showing you the right side front brake lever, this is an allot model that i have always used on many of my machines and of course, some of my Customers too.

Have a look and see what you think, but I always use these parts, these are a tried and tested part that I swear by and am sure you will get many miles of smiles from.

We try hard to look after each and every one of our customers, from one down the road, the the other on the far side of the globe, this is a fun and exciting industry and we have met many thousands of people and become friends with many many more.

Lets hope we can help you out with what you require, as the website is changing to be able to show you more products and even a FAQ page coming up.

We will also be having sales flyers popping up at a later point with the New website, so stay tuned on that too.


We hope you enjoy our website and all we do here?



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