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If you are fed up with having oil on your boots or Converse every time you jump on your ride, well, I am certain that it will be that your old oil seal in the gear shift cover is as worn out as an old cowboys saddle.

But- an easy fix and, you can do this without taking anything apart, other than one 10mm bolt and slip off the gear shifter, that’s it, just pull the seal out using a curved pick or a screw driver, be careful not to scratch the sides, but pull the old seal out, clean the area out and then plop the New seal in using a socket and tap her until she hits home.

There you go, this is all done and you just fit your gear shifter back onto the splines and do your bolt up and no more oily boots.

I use these all the time and are Genuine HONDA ones and I sure am glad that I use them.


I will be selling many parts on here for your inline four, so keep checking back on the website.




Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in