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Here we are once more in the electrical side of things.

Once again, we have gone above and beyond, to bring you an awesome looking Deco style finned tail light that is just something else.



This is a heavyweight and the light fixture is about half a pound, the Chrome Bezel is quality all the way and you will be happy when you get to see this in real life.


The L.E.D. is especially bright on the running light, but the brake light will be brighter than a Harvard student in Math.




Easy to fit on a flat surface, makes this a must for any application, and, if you are like me and play with different motorcycles, this may be right up your alley?



This is now available to you and so easy to fit as it uses just a couple of M4 studs and 2 hex nuts and you are done.


 Just use the Rubber backing as the template for the holes to drill, I would tape the rubber backing to the area that you want to drill, then use a 1/8th inch drill bit and go through where the holes are in the rubber, then once that is done, just maybe a 1/4 inch hole in the center, for the wiring to fit through and that’s it.


 This will take less than 5 minutes to fit to what ever you are applying it too, but if you are fitting it to a HONDA then just connect the Black wire to the Brown.

Then the Red wire to the Green with the Yellow stripe.

Then the White to the Solid Green and that’s it, you will have a bright tail light and a super bright stop light and the rear end will really look the part.




Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in