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I am sure that you poor old Bleed nipple is as Rusty as the titanic s crapper door right now, they tend to rust in the caliper and what happens most of the time is the bleed hole at the bottom of the bolt, gets blocked and then you cannot bleed your brakes.


That’s always a pain in the rear, or should I say front ? As that’s where the issue is on the bike.


Anyway, I use brand New genuine Honda Bleeders and am offering them on here to you too, as I am certain you will have the same issues as me when it comes to changing brake pads and then find out you cannot for the life of you get the bleeder to, well, bleed.

So, here is the option and I sell lots of genuine parts that will fit you ride and all in one or two clicks you can be ready to rebuild all of your CB750 Motorcycle.

And, as I use these every day, I know they work and function very well, so here you are, have a look and if this is for you, then, I know I can help you out of your predicament.


You can buy it all here and on this website or over the phone, we have friendly and knowledgeable staff to make sure your transaction is super smooth and you are happy.





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