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OK-here we are with the Alloy Gas Cap that we sell and I have used on many machines over the years and this is a cool looking Monza style Gas cap that has many uses on bikes or cars etc and am sure that you will like the look of this. A Nostalgic piece that is really a super product that is quite easy to fit and gives your fuel tank that Old School styling that many miss.


A truly affordable part that changes the look of that gas tank of yours.


Here are the dimensions for you to look at and see if this application will work on your project.




Now, I have fitted these to gas tanks that have the old style locking cap, but many times they are beaten up and looking sorry for themselves so what I do is remove the chrome gas cap and lock, cut the neck off so its smooth to the tank, as well as remove the posts for the old lock. Have a look at the pic I took of a 1978 Honda Gas Tank that I simply cut the neck off the tank with a reciprocating saw so that the tank was smooth.  After that I sand the tank smooth and you will notice that on the Honda’s the hole is already 2 inch.

Now, if your gas entrance hole is smaller than that, simply use a dremel with a drum sander to open up and then test fit the collar of the 2″ flip top Gas cap until it fits tightly into that hole, you will then notice it slides snug and fits flush to the tank.  I personally cut a thin rubber gasket under the gas cap and then I use stainless self taping screws with some Gas sealer on the threads and simply screw through the holes in the gas cap flange, easy as that.

What a cool and of course unique look that your tank has now and I am sure that you will like the shape of the lid, this does breathe too and it’s an easy Monza style flipper, so you can undo it with a flick of a switch and you are ready to fill up. A Classic looking Aluminum Gas cap that required no welding at all, I also seal the gas tank itself after and take that to a Radiator shop as they then pressure test them but Por-15 works well inside the gas tank too.

If you want that Yesteryear Race look for an affordable price, then check this out as I have sold all over the globe with this set up and probably well over 1000 units to happy customers.

I will also be offering the Stainless steel version too, but that’s a little more money and this is fine and I am certain you will like the way it sits on your gas tank with either one, I just like to offer the parts I physically use on the machines I create or work on and now offer to you.

Have a good long look at this and see what you think, these are sturdy yet lightweight and personally I feel these gas caps finish the fuel tank off so well as many Factory versions are an eye sore sometimes and this is an easy way to change that look and of course be practical too.

Thanks for taking your time to have a look at this set up and will add some more photos of the Flip Top for you to see Below. I have fitted these to cb350-400-450-500-550 and 750 models and this has to have a 2 inch hole in the tank for the neck to slot into.

These really do change the look of the gas tank and, if your old one is rusty and fallen on hard times, grab this and you will be smiling right out of the gate, I was the only one using this style of Gas cap many moons ago and I continue to create Gas tanks with this Aluminum Custom Flipper Cap to this day and of course it will fit any gas tank if you have a 2″ hole in the area the old gas cap went into.

We have been doing this here for 23 years now and continue to push the envelope and of course, promote what we do, and thank you so much for at least having a look at our parts.

These are great value for money and ready to ship, we pack these well and as I said, ship to all over the globe.


Drop us a dime at 714-598-8392 or a TEXT and we will get this packaged up for you.

Any questions please, just email us at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com and I will be more than happy to help you get your machine on the road.



Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in