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Here we are with one of the New Molded oil Tank Side covers for the F1 CB750F Honda, that fits 1975-1976 Model, have a look at the quality, unlike many inferior versions that are out there.

I pride myself in top notch quality parts and that fit too, unlike those made in Taiwan crap, these side covers are hand made right here in the USA.

These are what we now use on any of the Super Sports that we have to build etc and a great cover compared to the Originals, as these are more flexible and stronger, is the name of the game and this certainly is of the top shelf materials out there.

Over the years, the Original Side Covers tarnished and dried out, mind you, a pretty good side cover to go the distance of 40 years, but the ones we sell are a Urethane base injected set up and way more inert, as well as pliable too.

We like the way these sand and paint as well and the tabs that plop into the mounts are way stronger than the original versions by far.

If you have an F1 then you have certainly come to the right place as we sell both sides on here, as well as many other cool parts for your CB750 HONDA.


Just have a look at the parts page and you may find other things that you need and we can become your one stop shop, we have many parts for your inline four machine.

We always try and supply the best there is and we stand by our products too, you can be assure that we are here to help, if you have an F1 then we have the parts thats you need.

The Tabs on the covers are way stronger than the originals too and these will be a good addition to your inline Four.

We have been here in Southern California over 18 years when nobody was even playing with these machines, I have been involved with these bikes and cafe Racers since the 1970’s and love what I do and I try my hardest to make sure that you are a happy customer.

Above is a set I painted for the Harlequin Honda Show Bike that I created from an old rusting Super Sport.

This is how I received the bike and it had No side covers at all, so wanted to create as Custom Machine and of course, use the new side covers of which this would have Custom paint.

As ypu can see, the Side covers look pretty darn cool and these will easily last another 40 years, as they are more inert to the weather compared to original ones.

I was pretty eager to get on with this Super Sport and I am glad that I could make or buy all the parts I needed to turn this old 500 pounder into a show bike.

So, there you go, I have sold many of these side covers, left and right, all over the globe.

Like this old snotter I picked up and wanted to get running and then flip in a few weeks.

Thanks for looking, check all the other parts that I have on the website for your motorcycle.










Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in