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Triumph Thruxton Bonneville Rear Caliper relocation bracket


The best relocation assembly that money can buy. Comes with Bolts to attach to bracket.


008I have owned 4 Triumph Thruxton’s and their downfall I believe is the rear brake caliper set up, why oh why did they chose to fit the Caliper assembly “under” the swing arm?




The stock Configuration not only looks strange, the caliper picks up all sorts of road grime and, if you have scrambler, it will pick up all the dirt from the scrub-land you may be riding through. The pins become corroded and will seize inside the caliper body, causing you to spend half the day trying to remove them. Not only is this – it can damage your rear rotor causing scratching and will build up with road debris. Having the brake caliper in a upwards position, not only eliminates all them issues, it is also way easier for inspection and of course cleaning of the Brake pads and caliper body.



So this kit I have just made will solve the issue right out of that gate.


Cut using a Water jet, we sourced aircraft grade 7075 and then machines all the locators on a mill, finally polishing the Aluminum bracket to a chrome finish, we are very proud of this set up and I will be fitting one to my 2013 Thruxton today.



Weighing in at a healthy One pound and 3/8’s of an inch thick, this bracket is robust and fits like a Glove, as we did a lot of RNR on this product ad now available to you.


I have these available now in Highly polished, or in a Black Powder coat, your choice, but one thing for sure, this will be a great set up for you triumph motorcycle.


This is a complete set up so the Allen Bolts attach the Caliper to the New position will be included, I actually used my Stock brake line but- I shall be offering custom versions soon.


I ship parts out 6 days a week, and I really do appreciate you supporting smaller businesses, as it is the likes of you my friend that keep me going.



I am also designing more parts for the Triumphs as I go along, so keep checking back for other bolt on parts for your Mean Machine.


These are a great looking set up and I really do like the way they fit and of course, how they function.


This makes a super gift for any of the Gear-heads in your family and I really do appreciate the business too, I am a small business that has been doing this over 15 years now and love what I do.






Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 2 in


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