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Honda Battery Connector S.O.H.C. – Positive


Here we are with New parts that are now available for the CB750 HONDA and I am glad to offer them to you on here.

We use these on all the bikes we build, as there is nothing worse than bad terminals on a freshly built motorcycle, so I always grab one of these and I have no issues on the positive side of the battery.


This is a Genuine HONDA part and I tend to use these on the K1 harness a lot and use the early fuse box as well.


Check the rest of the website for parts etc as we are gearing up to be able to offer you everything to complete your motorcycle creation.

Yes, there are many people out there, and only a handful of great ones.



We build bikes here and we live the lifestyle, I do not switch off at 5pm, I continue to work and also design so we are all able to enjoy what we like.

Have a look at these and see what you think, they fit and function as they are supposed to, if you need any info you can always call us for advise as we are known for great customer service.



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