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Here we are with a Brand New Chrome nut and O – Ring for your inline four.  As I am certain that yours has seen better days and this really does clean up the top part of your machine. THIS IS FOR A PAIR !!!!!




I have always used these when building my 750 Honda’s as its the right choice, simply trying to re-chrome old original ones really do not cut the mustard as they have been pitted from years of neglect and all sorts of weather, so why not treat yourself to brand new ones.



These are available now and this is for a pair ( 2) but just change the quantity if you need more, these are Brand New and the chrome is awesome, you also get the O- Ring with it too, so you are ready to rock.




Simple to fit, remove your old snotty one and simply screw the new one on and there you go, you will be so glad that you did.


I am sure that when you put these on your motorcycle, you will be so glad that you did, as its the first thing I look at when I am sat on the bike.