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Many people ask about all sorts of parts I use on my machines that I create and service, this time I thought that I would offer the Alloy Flasher units that I have always used for over 13 years here on my bikes and they are a tried and trusted unit that I tend to rely on when the original flasher unit bites the dust.


These wee beasties are great, light and compact, they put out enough power for my New turn signals that I sell on the website and can tell you that Every motorcycle that I create and has turn signals, well, these are ALWAYS fitted.

They may not look like much but these are robust inside and I swear by them, so- if your old flasher unit is about as much use as a glass hammer on your new turn signals, or they have just stopped for some reason, treat yourself to one of these flasher units as I really do use these all the time.

If you are purchasing new turn signals, I would suggest a new flasher unit as well, they are not that much money and at least you know its new on your bike and no more issues with older worn out electrical parts.

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Thanks once more for checking out what we have, i try and add new parts during the week, so always check back as there may be more you are in search of and we may just have the very things that you require to get your motorcycle back up on the Tarmac,




Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in