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Hey there


If your old caliper is as worn out as a Gran’s Rocking chair, then its time to buy a new one.

A new one i hear you say? Yep- A New one.

I now have the front body available for you lot and this is ready to go, no crap, no Pitts, no stuck bolts, no rust and no gunk.

This is a Brand new body and I use them on my machines and as so many people ask me about them, I thought I may as well be a dealer for them.

So here we are with a unique opportunity for you to purchase a new body, we also sell our very own stainless piston for this and the O ring, the bleeder and any thing else you may need, as we try to be your one stop shop.

As everything then is just One Click away from getting what you need in one big swoop.





Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in