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Frame Adapter Kit for CB750 HONDA SOHC 69-78


The coolest way to have access to your motor whilst still in frame.

For many years people have asked me what to use as they have had a bike the have purchased and for some reason the two outside frame rails under the gas tank is completely missing. Not only is this bad to look at, the structural integrity of the chassis has now come into the effect and you need to address right away.


You decide where you want to cut and the tubes I supply are 15 inches long, so ample room to cut and weld bungs in to fill this void.


OK, here is a Kit I have made that will work wonders as this not only will fix that issue right away, this is now a great way of using this set up to work or replace the cylinder head gasket, without ever having to remove the motor from the frame.


So take a look at what I have here an you can see if this will help you out, as I took my time and tried this on a few models and they work very well indeed.


The Inserts are machine from 4140 normalized Steel and have a metric thread and countersink to allow for you to simply bolt the tubes together, once the bungs have been welded in the tube.


Now, I am supplying 8 ends, that’s a full set of 4, with Stainless Button head screws and also I am supplying Two 15 inch pieces of tubing , as I have no idea how much your frame has been cut in the past and this is ample enough to get you where you want to be and, if its too long, well simply cut it down, insert the bungs once you have sanded the inside of the tube that’s left of your frame.


Cut the tubes and insert the bungs until you have a nice fit, not too tight but enough to butt up and then I bolt them and Tig weld the bungs in place.


So people will have a complete frame but want to be able to remove the motor easily or just the head, and this is the best way to go as all the race guys did this back in the day.


If you are building a Cafe Racer, Custom, Brat, Street Tracker, Chopper, Bobber or even a Drag bike, this is a must if you want to gain access to your engine easier when things need to be sorted out, like re-torquing the head etc or changing the head gasket.


This is for all SOHC model CB750 Honda’s, be it a CB750K CB750F or even a CB750A.


I have been doing this almost 16 years now and wanted to offer this as a great way to save you time and frustration when you need to get to the top end of your inline four.


I ship 6 days a week and I know you will like this set up.




Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 3 × 3 in


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