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Seat Base with pocket CB750 HONDA SOHC


Strong seat base with pocket, to keep Battery or Gloves and scarf etc.

Many People ask about the seats that I create and this one is a superb example, this seat base comes ready to plop over your frame, if you have a CB750 SOHC this is a great fit, and the cool thing about My seat base is inside the hump it has a deep pocket to allow you to either store things like Gloves, scarf, goggles and documents, or, you can also fit a Lithium Battry and electronics to clean the underneath of your motorcycle up.


Upholstery I leave to you as you will need to know how thick of Foam you require, I generally go 2 inches and I use snaps when I upholster my own ones as then you simply remove seat cover to get to the pocket.


This comes long, so if you need to trim down you can easily as being Fiberglass you simply run some tape across seat and cut with either a Die grinder or a Jig saw, easy as that.


It will fit many motorcycles but I shall measure the seat base now so you have the dimensions of this seat base and know exactly what you are getting.


Length is 27 inches . Width at front is 8 inches but widens to the frame dimensions by the hump to 10 inches.

The pocket Opening is 8 inches and 8 inches wide, so plenty of room for a battery, solinoid and regulater etc.


This Seat base  is also very sturdy and standing on its own is weighs 4.2 pounds, nothing like that Rubbish from Vietnam you see and, this fits as I made it to fit my own machine so know it works. below is a gel Coat Black assembly and thats how you will recieve it, then look how great it looks with color on it.


As you can see, I made it for the CB750 Honda I created for Mike Dirnt of Greenday and it works really well indeed.



Simply Plop over frame and drill and fit through seat into frame , simple as that.


The seat base is very strong and has many applications for any Motorcycle really, as long as you use the dimensions that I have shown, this will really finish off your ride and the Pocket inside the hump makes this so useful in many ways.


I created this seat Base for one of my show winning Motorcycles that Toured the USA for over a year and people loved the seat I had built.


A Bike of which I hope to Create once more as I sure miss that Motorcycle, I also Loved Creating a Caff bike for Greenday too though and this was the same seat assembly and always liked the Chromed Snaps on the side as it goes back to the old racing days.


I have sent these all over the Glob, they Hold up to all weathers and hand made right here, MADE IN AMERICA!!!!





Weight 5.0 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 12 × 12 in


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