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Stainless Steel Great Quality L.E.D. Warning light Twelve Volts

12V LED Stainless Steel Display light – $10.00 Each


Need some warning lights for your ride? Fed up not knowing if oil pressure is low, if you left the turn signal on? Can’t find Neutral, want a high beam light too?

All these can be had, as now I have this Classic line up of 12V instrument warning lights.

Have a good look at these, I have used them for all sorts of uses but mainly this one I use for an oil pressure warning light but also could use for a ignition on light or any warning display for a 12 volt system.

This is great quality and I have given you lot a smoking deal on these display lights as I use them and know that you probably would too.

Just have a look and, nobody will get you anything like this for $10.00, that’s right, just $10 each and if you look on the site we sell RED,GREEN,BLUE and AMBER and so easy to wire up, I have used these many times on bikes and I wanted to offer these to you.


These are a Classic look that screams out yesteryear and ideal in any application that you need, so long as it is 12 volts.


grab all 4 and make your dash look Custom as well as mount to the triple tree, the bracket or even in the headlight, its all easy and just needs a 7-16ths hole and that is it.



Weight .4 lbs