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If your rear end license plate frame is stuck in the dark, then here is an ideal set up that will make sure that yours can be seen and no ticket too!


Here we are with a Chrome set (PAIR) of Illuminated License plate bolts, such a cool custom set up as they are not noticeable until dark.

If you have a custom license plate holder, but keep getting pulled over for no license plate lights, then this is the deal for your ride right away. So easy to fit to your frame and run the wires into your harness, you will have this sorted in a jiffy and no more hassle.

These are Bolts that have little LED lights in them and are perfect for using as a securing bolt as well as making sure that your plate is being shown at night.

It will certainly save you money in the end as you wont have any tickets, and that’s a good thing for you.

And for $20.00 a pair, how can you go wrong to be honest, these are the best bang for your buck and I know you will be happy with these.

So many Motorcycles, Hot Rods and Customs are missing a license plate light and that’s always what the cops pick up on when they pull you over.

These make a great gift for any time if you have a gear head that needs something Custom like this for their ride.




Weight .4 lbs