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Turd Polish 5oz Tin for Aluminum, Chrome & Brass You can Polish a Turd


Polish Aluminum, Chrome, Brass & Copper, I have used this formulation for over 40 years and love it.

TURD POLISH 5 Oz Round Tin, Unique Formula to give High Luster Finish.

Who said that you can’t Polish a Turd?  This product is the best out there for the purposes I need on a daily basis.

Well, for many years, people have been asking me what the product is that I use on the Motorcycles that I create, as well as the Parts that I sell.  Now, you see Polish all over the place that promise this and promise that and believe me, I have tried them all, and none of it has stood up to my own home made Formula that I have used for over 40 years.

Back in the Late 1970’s my Brother and I both worked for a Rolls Royce company in East Anglia in Great Britain,mainly Cabinet Making for the Bentleys and Corniche Rolls Royces. Along with the high quality of manufacturing, we were both trained in Polishing Silver, Gold, Brass and Copper to a Super high Class finish that lasts a very long time.


It has taken me many years to perfect this Special Formulation – but I am very proud of the fact that I still use this in any cleaning up or polishing jobs that I need to complete.  It is especially dominant on any Aluminum surfaces, and you will notice that when you apply a small amount of the paste, with a Terry Towel, the Polish will turn dark Grey, the more that you rub with your index finer on the towel, the deeper the product will clean.

Simply wipe the excess off with the Terry Towel and finish buffing by hand, using a Microfiber Cloth and buff to a the desired Luster, the more you use the Paste, the better the shine.

I have used this on many surfaces and its always helped me out, it is amazing stuff and will take Rust spots out on Chrome parts pretty easily to be honest. I used it on old Bicycles to Vintage Toasters and of course ALL my Motorcycles and Hot Rod parts at home.

Simply Dab some on a Terry Towel and apply to the surface you want to clean up, working either side by side or in small circles with your finger.

These had really bad Rust spots all over the Chrome, and my polish gets that sorted out right away with just a little elbow grease.

Now, this is not cheap I know, but I have used so many different brands over the decades and have had nothing match up as good as this as an all round Polish Compound, it will clean many Ferrous and non Ferrous Materials including.

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Chrome
  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel

And if you have some small Rust pits on rims etc, its great for that, just work it in using small circles with a Cloth and your finger and you will see the rust go away.

This 5 Ounce 2.5 inch round tin will last a long time to be honest, and as so many people inquire as to my polished parts on my Motorcycles and Hot Rod Parts, I thought it was time to bring out my own brand of Polish.

This is Vapor Blasted and ready for my Turd Polish, it takes a little time – work it in circles, the Paste will go a dark grey to a black color but keep going and the end result after you buff it ,is amazing, the more you use the paste, the better the finish.


So now, you CAN Polish a Turd and with my 40 year old Formula, its worth a shot having a go with the same Polishing Paste that I use all the time.

I am sure you have tried all the cleaning products from Pep boys, Auto Spares Shops, parts stores, home depot etc?

So give me a shot and see what you think, if you need to make this more aggressive on aluminum, simply use a Green Scotch pad and my Product and that will really clean deeply.

It also removes scratches if you keep working at it, and some plastics too, its amazing the qualities that this has, but as I said, its now over 40 years old. Below is my triple tree that I am cleaning up fr the show bike I am creating, this has factory paint on, I used Lacquer thinner to remove the paint as best I could, then the Turd Polish came into its own, just using terry towels to get into all the areas I needed, and then a Microfiber cloth to buff, I kept doing this and was super stoked at the finish that you see Below in the Second Picture.

Above, the Triple Tree and speedometer Housing came out amazingly good and I received a lot of great comments on my Polishing techniques.

My Polish consists of a number of ingredients including, Borax, Baking powder, Lacquer thinner, Castor oil and my Secret Sauce. all combine to give you something with a great compound that gets the job done.

Great for Rims, Forks and Spokes on Motorcycles and Push Bikes, Chrome Plated Parts and Superb on Polish Hot Rod intake Manifolds and Cylinder heads as well as Chrome Grills and Radiator Shells.

Like I said, I use it anyway and NOW- I offer the special edition Turd Polish to you lot out there and can ship the same day via Flat Rate Priority Mail Small Box.

For Motorcycles, Cars. Scooters, Aluminum-ware, Hot Rods, Customs, Customs etc, this is an all round Polish that I am super proud to call my own, I have sold 100 Tins already and these make a really fun gift too.



Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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