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Hey there you lot, Well if you are like me and have the Continental GT , then you will know even though it is a cool Machine, it lacks a certain POP.
So we went ahead and started to change the look of our R.E. Right out of the showroom, so keep checking our auctions for cool parts for this Red Rocket.

This is for one set of TWO Stainless steel turn signals Brackets this needs no drilling as the water jetted holes are ready to bolt right to your RE, I even supply the Stainless Steel Allen bolts to fit to the back of your frame.

 photo 003_zpsc13ce2f0.jpg

 I decided to remove the cheap and nasty turn signals that came from the Factory and fit our own, but I wanted to spend a bit of time on these and make them fit really easy with no drilling or any real work, simply bolt on and add your turn signal that you can either purchase from me or use a Custom one of your own choice, how hard is that?

 photo 017_zps13dfa7ae.jpg

So what we did first off, was fabricate our own brackets that we made from high Quality Stainless steel, we laser cut the holes and then put in the Brake press and bent to the shape we wanted, then once that was done I decided that we needed to sand the marks out of it and then polish to a high luster.

But you can purchase unpolished if you so wish.

 photo 004_zps0ad8846f.jpg

Now the good thing about this is that we specifically manufactured these brackets to fit the Continental GT and if you look on your frame where the Hoop is, you will see there are two threaded bungs on the chassis, so we made them fit that perfectly. The turn signal bolts to the bracket and is ready to work.

carpy el mirage


We test fitted these on a number of machines and these really are a great and easy fit, and you can either fit your stock turn signals, or check our signals  that we use as I think you will agree, that these really do add a little more style to the machine, with out having huge Plastic versions sticking way out in the way.
Below is just one style of signal you can use but we sell a number of turn signals that will work and you can use your own choice as the hole for the turn signal is already cut in the bracket for you.

 photo 007_zps1f37f9b0.jpg

The only tool you will need is an Allen wrench for the M8X15mm Stainless Steel Bolts  and a 14mm wrench to tighten the bolts up for the front turn signals, so easy and looks so cool.



These are so easy to fit at the rear, you will be done in less than five minutes.



Here at Carpys Cafe Racers, we live and Breathe the machines and I put many of these parts on our very own machines.
Many people out there just to jump on the band wagon, but I have been doing this here since 2000 in California, and continue to make parts from brackets to full exhaust systems.

 photo 002_zpse9abff5f.jpg

So, if you have purchased one of these little 535 EFI machines, this kit is a great embellishment for you and affordable too.

 photo 013_zpsc7ce62c8.jpg

These come as TWO Polished Stainless steel brackets and FOUR Allen head Stainless bolts and FOUR Stainless Washers, so the complete deal. Or you can decide on the Raw stainless steel and have a go at polishing yourselves.

 photo 015_zps9c53ab1c.jpg


Just use an Allen head wrench and you are in business in just a few minutes, easy as that, job done and you are on your way again.

el mirageq

We do stand by our product, this is our unique design that we offer to you, we have made many friends over the years from all over the globe and if you need any help just let us know.

 photo 018_zps8ee70faa.jpg

We shall be placing more parts for this machine on here soon, so keep checking back as we sell exhausts, bars, mirrors and other neat Custom parts for this cool retro Cafe Racer.



These are fun machines, I was number 4 in California to get mine and I love the thing, and am making parts all the time.
Just take a look at the photos, this is an INSTANT way of cleaning the lines of the bike up and being Stainless steel, these will last longer than anything out there.


We also ship 6 days a week and help with over sea’s customers by ticking the gift box, please drop us a line if you need any help at all, that’s what we are all about.



These are a nice heavy quality and are made right here in California USA.



Above is the set you will get, comes with all the hardware you need and we ship same day to you.



This fit like the Factory made them themselves, people love the fit and the quality, and , being Stainless steel, these will not rust.

Choose Highly Polished or Raw stainless.




These really do fit well on the Continental GT and I was back on the tarmac in no time at all.



Have a good look at all the photos, as we love to show our product and are proud of what we sell.

el mirage 7


This is MY Royal Enfield Continental GT and thats why they fit so good as I make them right here.


Let me know what you think as I send many parts all over the world now and am having fun with my Little red machine and hope that you are too? As they are fun to ride on.


Thanks for looking and keep checking back for more great deals, you can text us on

714-598-8392 or drop a dime in the slot  for any more info.



These also make a Great gift for the Royal Enfield Enthusiast in your family. Thank you so much for supporting me.




Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 09 × 05 × 03 in