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Royal Enfield Chromed L.E.D. Turn Signals and Stainless Steel Brackets.


Show Chrome Diamond L.E.D. Turn Signals, with polished Stainless Steel brackets and ALL hardware.

This Assembly is a direct Bolt on to fit the Royal Enfield Continental GT and you will love the look and style as well as the ease of fitment.

Here we are with my New Royal Enfield LED Diamond Turn signal set up, these are a great deal for the Royal Enfield  and are ready to bolt on as I have taken all the hard work out of this 12 Volt assembly.



The Rear Turn signals on a stock Royal Enfield Continental GT are Plastic and sit on the rear fender and vibrate like crazy, and these really trick the bike out and give it some style.



So what I have now done is manufactured Stainless Steel Brackets that were all Machine Bent, Holes Stamped and then Hand Polished to a Show Chrome Finish, this is such an easy fitment, as if you look under your frame on the GT, you will see there are factory threaded holes either side of the chassis, this bracket simply bolts to the frame and I even supply the Stainless Steel Allen Head Metric Bolts to fit too.  You then just use an Allen Head wrench to tighten.



Once the Bracket it on, you attach the Steel Chromed LED Turn Signal to the Hole that’s already stamped in the bracket and there is a Hollow Bolt that goes through the bracket and onto the turn signal, your wires simply route through the hole in the middle of the bolt. it is as easy as that, then just attach the wires to your harness and the rears are ready to go.


The front Turn Signals come with a longer bolt and you can bolt directly to the headlight ears of the bike and simply attach wires inside the headlight to were your original versions attached.

diamond turn signal led1


A very neat and tight set up that keeps everything ticked in nice and tight yet being LED these are Brighter than Einstein.


So if you want a really trick set up and have Quality too, look no further and, ONLY available from me, Made here in California.


Have a look and see what you think, I put a lot of thought into these set ups and have wired many Gt bikes with everybody being happy.

carpy RE





Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


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