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Well, time has come to add more parts to the website and many people ask me for the forks, as I use them on ALL bikes I rebuild.

This time it is with great pleasure that I offer the Brand New Fork tubes for your CB750 Honda, this is for the 72-1976 model and they are brand new.


These are ready to fit to your Honda lowers and they are 22 and 3/4 inches in length and I use these on the bikes that I rebuild, as usually they are rusty like these below and I am replacing them with the new versions.

Now, the Original fork tubes you have are more than likely rustier than the inside of the Titanic’s Crapper Door, Like you see above and below here.

But this is now not a worry for you as you can use the same ones that I use.



So, have a look and see what what you think, but the reason these rusted originally is that years and years of adverse weather and rain etc rusts the top of the forks as the fork ears tend to hold any water than may have run down the tube, even if you have washed and dried your beloved motorcycle, you will not be able to see the water that is inside the fork ears and that’s where the rust starts.



So, now available to you and we of course do ship around the globe, so we try to be your one stop shop and offer as much as we can for that 500 pounder that you have tucked away in your garage or shed.

These are sold as a pair and are wrapped and ready to mail out to you in a quick minute, we also sell the rest of the hardware for the forks, like the top nuts and O-Ring, as well as the dampener bolt and copper crush washer etc.



If your forks need to be replaced, then treat yourself to a new set and clean that front end u of your bike as some people like to not use the stock fork ears and want to fit different headlight ears and show off the chrome look and this is the perfect way to achieve that.




If you want to call us you can and we will do our very best to help you out, these are a great price and I sell quite a few as well as use them myself.

This is also great for the restorer too and i have a few sets here that I can simply drop in the mail and get you out of your predicament.


I have used these on many models and I have always been pleased at the way they fit and of course function.






Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 6 × 6 in