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How many times have you been stranded with a flat battery on your CB750 Honda?

Yeah I hear ya, too many times, well, good chance its not the battery but your charging system.

So-99% of the issues I have had with the inline four is this regulator and rectifier issue and I have always drop kicked the original hardware over next doors fence and fitted a solid state system that I personally use on EVERY motorcycle that I create.

As I said, 99% of the times it is the regulator and rectifier that’s at fault, if this still persists, then its the infield magnet or stator, but this is by far the cheapest way to go and whilst you are there, try and price an original Honda regulator, your pee your boxers when the salesman gives you the price.


So, if you are fed up with dim lights, poor starting and a dead battery, give this set up a go and see how this changes the good old Honda.


These are so easy to fit, you can be back on the road with nice bright lights again in just a few minutes, you really cannot go wrong as the these are color coordinated and the white plug simply snaps onto the receiver on your original harness.

Then just attach the Green, White and Black wires with the spade connectors to the harness that has the female spade connectors and you are done.

A real easy but a very reliable set up as so many of you have the old regulators and rectifiers and many just fail and drain your battery.

I have built over 50 Motorcycles here and used these on Every single one of them.

I have also sold over 1000 of these units to customers around the USA and all over the globe, if you want to put the bang back into your Battery, this is the best way of doing it.

Ricks 10-100

So if you have an inline Four Honda CB750 K or F or even an A, then look no further to put the power back into your Battery.


Price up an OEM regulator and Rectifier, even if you can find one they would be almost $600 for them and these units from me are only $110, what a deal.




Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in