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Honda CB 750 K Replica Handlebars SOHC


Original styling just like the SOHC CB750K when they first arrived in 1969- right through to 1978.

For many years, people have asked me where they can purchase original handlebars for their CB750 K Motorcycle, I used to use a little company in Ireland who hand made them, but he retired recently and that was the end of that, but I got a call from a guy that said he can make them no problem and will offer them to me just like the little Irish fella used to.

Great news and I wanted to offer them to you on my website and am pleased to show these handlebars to Honda CB750 K Owners that want that original look, I mean- they look great in any guise but if you are wanted to Restore the bike, or give it that retro look and feel of the 1970’s when Honda ruled the road, these are the best bang for your hard earned buck.


Specification Details
Total Width 31.25
Rise 4.5″
Pullback 7.25″
Center Width 6″
Dimpled Yes
Bar Diameter 7/8″
Color Chrome
SKU 23-93145
Knurled No
Drilled For Wiring No
Material Steel
Brand CCR

Honda Models

  • Honda CB750 Diecast Engine 1969
  • Honda CB750 Four 1970 – 1974
  • Honda CB750A Hondamatic 1976-1978
  • Honda CB750K 750 Four 1975 – 1978

These are quality made and ready for you to replace your worn out, rusted, chipped chrome or bent up versions and give your bike that Nostalgic look and feel, as Honda designed this style handlebar as an all rounder, be it just for blapping in and around town, or taking long Journeys across Europe, these are just like the original ones were and more affordable than many companies that try to emulate this style.

These are great to fit to your Original CB750K but will work on any Motorcycle that takes a 7/8 Handlebar, and these are a good product, none of the over sea’s Rubbish that you see on so many websites, I use great fitting parts, tried and tested, if I dont like anything, I dont sell it, simple as that.

I use these on many Honda’s I have restored and these will work great for you, dont try drilling other bars, as it will cause you nothing but headaches and torn wiring too.



Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 8 in


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