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CB550 HONDA WIRE HARNESS 1974-1975 K series


New OEM Wire Harness for your CB550k HONDA Four 1974-1975



Product Description

I am sure that your CB550 right now has a few electrical Gremlins, IE, fuses popping, motorcycle mysteriously cuts out from time to time etc, thats because your old wire harness has corroded from all them years of Neglect or just bad weather where it was parked and slowly the harness will either corrode or if its in the sun, the harness will harden and become brittle.

And as you know, these will break down in the worst scenario when you need your bike from faulty old electrical, some of the harness may of been patched together poorly and at times could cause fire hazards etc. A quick way to tell on your CB550 is to take the headlight lens off and check the wires inside the bucket, I am sure they will be hard or fragile, also if you remove the left side battery side cover, you will also see maybe bare wires from corrosion?

cb550 burnt

I mean, to be honest, think about it, this wire harness was first fitted 41 years ago, time will take a toll on anything thats over 4 decades old, and one more thing, saving you all that headache trying to chase a faulty wire will pay off when everything is new, clean and bold colors that show you were what fits to what.

Above, you can see when old harnesses get hot, and can start to burn over time if not replaced.

This reproduction is made to OEM standards and I use these on Customers bikes that I rebuild or service etc, plenty of badly made ones around the internet but these are the best deal and will save you a big head ache for sure.

cb550 74 Kelvin Taveras

Perfect for the Restorer, the Cafe builder, Custom, Brat or Tracker, stick with a good product and enjoy your inline four once more.



Covers all your style of creations for the 19754-1975 K  Model HONDA FOUR.


I also carry the sub-wire harness that is a great replacement from your original and thats on my parts pages too.

Replaces Honda Part Number: 32100-374-code, dont mess with your burnt out and discolored original wire loom, get something thats pliable and has bold colors.

Thanks for looking, been doing this here almost 20 years and love helping folk out with their machines.

Orders yours today, you will be glad that you did.



Weight 1 lbs


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