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Honda decal “Norton ” Style


Want that Norton look to your Honda?


I first started dong these some 16 years ago, as Originally I hand painted this on the gas tank, but my customers couldn’t but, wanted that style and design for their Classic Japanese machine.


So I have remade them again and are 8 X 3 inches and great for Gas tanks, doors, helmets and just about anything you want to adhere these too.

They come as a pair and are available in Black, White, Blue and Maroon.

Use a little soapy water on the part you are fitting this decal to, remove the backing paper and simply slide into position, the soapy water will allow you to slide it into exactly where you want it to be.


Once you are happy with the location, use a Microfibre and a credit card and simply squeeze the air bubbles out and you are done, this is then ready if you want, to clear coat over.


It’s as easy as that and you will love the way it sits and looks, just peel and then go, you can leave it as is or like me you can clear coat over the whole lot as my decals have special material for paint and clear coat.


I love these and used them for years, customers liked the ease that these applied to surfaces.


Have a look for yourself and see what you think, I price this very well, stick with real businesses that do this for a living.


I really do enjoy what I do and hope you like the products that I come up with, I ship 6 days a week and Globally too.





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