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Drilled & Polished Front Sprocket Cover SOHC 1969-1978 CB750 HONDA


An Instant Custom look to your machine.

I am now offering Custom Drilled and polished Front Sprocket covers, to go along with the Drilled Rear Brake Hub that I already offer on this website, Many people have asked me in the past and I have made these for people who have become great Customers, but I have a few spare stock ones here, so i am going to drill and Polish these and will be available for you to put on your machine.

Just have a look and see what you think, as this does not take 5 minutes, I do these on my own and polish to a chrome like finish, you just remove your old tired and bland stocker and fit this, to match the other polished parts on your motor, thus giving some great coordination of the layout of your Custom Classic inline four machine.

I of course will offer these on here and will ship all over the globe, ticking the GIFT box and Low value so you dont get any crazy charges from the post office, I have been shipping for almost 20 years here now and know whats right and always look after my customers.

So if you have a HONDA CB750K or a CB750F, be it a 69-78 SOHC Honda, these Custom Drilled and Polished front  Sprocket covers attach with the two Stainless Steel Allen head bolts that I supply and you just unbolt yours and fit my one, and boy what a difference it makes in appearance.

These also make a great gift and the part is not very heavy either , so shipping is great for this unique Custom piece and is hand drilled and polished by me right here in California.


I drill ALL my creations and everyone seems to like what I do, I first started doing this back in the 90’s and I continue to do this to the machines that I create here in So Cal.

Change the look of yours instantly by just removing two bolts and there you go, a real head turning piece for your 500 pound inline four motorcycle.

These make really cool gifts for the gear head in your family and a great conversational piece when you are out and about on your two wheeled machine.

I hope you like what I have here on Offer and inspire you to purchase one of my hand drilled and polished pieces to add to your custom build that you have at home right now.

If you want that Custom look and at an affordable price, and also done right here in the USA, look no further.

I have been doing these a long time and love what I do.







Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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