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Frame Hoop with kick up CB500 CB500 CB550 CB650 CB750 HONDA


This is a Cool Hoop kit with a 22 degree kick up with Inserts too.

Here we are with another great set up for your machine, be it a CB750 a 500 – 550 or any bike that has a 8 inch center to center tube chassis.


This is a super easy set up for you to use as you simply cut your frame to where you want it and also cut the hoop to the length you want.


Then you add the bungs that are supplies and insert in frame and tube, leave a small gap and weld it up, as easy as that.


You will be more than happy at the way these work and how fast you can get this Project completed.


I make these long so you can cut them down to fit your motorcycle and that’s what is cool about it. it is 9 1/8 from Outer Diameter to outer Diameter.


Just slide in the inserts and weld and that’s it it is very strong and you can even lift the bike by the hoop.


So have a look and see what you think, its worth the $$$$ for this set up and I ship the same day 6 days a week to all over the World.

The kick up is 22 degree’s, and the shorter you cut the hoop, the more aggressive the stance of the bike, as seen by a 78K I created below.


So if you want to trick out your CB750 or CB550 or many other machines, then you have come to the right place.


But from a real Motorcycle business and these are made here in California not over sea’s like man out there.


I have sold over 200 of these and people like the way they fit and the rigidity they give to the frame as well.

You buy them as 12 inches long and simply cut them down to the length that you are looking for on your project, so easy to do and you will love the way they fit on your frame.

II enjoy working on the 750 frames and these Hoops kits are just the thing for your Custom look.

I have fitted these to K series and F series Honda’s too.


You can  fit this so quick and I have very many happy Customers that have used the Hoop kits, I also make sure I leave the insert slugs longer for more strength too.


So have a look, On this page its for the Kick up but also on my Parts page I offer the flat hoop too, so the choice is yours.


All made right here in California and not in China like most of the others, I have sold over 500 of these and going strong, an easy kit to use and great value for money too.


These are a great way of changing the look of your machine and transforms the styling as soon as you fit this hoop, then simply make a flat seat to the frame.

Simply cut the old frame where you want to attach new hoop, I usually leave a couple of inches behind the shock absorber on the Honda fours etc.

You will notice that the inside of the end of the frame is double walled, so I use a de-Burring tool and then a round drum sander to smooth the inside, its about 1 1/2 inside but it has to be removed so that the slugs can be fitted inside the chassis.

You can do your own way that feels best, but, I usually lay the Hoop on top of the frame to see where I want to cut it, makes it so much easier to do this on your own with just a Sharpie.

Then simply Tap the Hoop with a Rubber Mallet until the hoop touches the frame and then once you get to that stage you check all is how you want it and if happy weld the seam up.

Once you have welded hoop and ground smooth the outside of the frame, I used cardboard to make a template for the seat and you simply draw around the frame.

I simply transferred that to a steel plate and cut out the shape required and was happy with this, I am working on a Super Sport here to the tank has an arch but I will alter the upholstery later to make sure that arch is all covered up, stick with me here as the seat turned out really well.

Now, doesn’t that look a lot better? I used Black Naugahyde and diamond stitched it, I also welded bolts to the seat base to where it sits on the cross brace behind the battery box, as its easy to get too so you can tighten the nut up.


Here is a better look, I like it, hope you do too? it was easy to do and didnt cost much money to be honest and this carries two people so Customer is happy.

You can see the Kick up on this bike I am working on and wanted it as close to the frame as I could.

I used High Density Foam and made a seat for the frame and then simply upholstered the seat base to what i wanted.

There it fits and looks pretty good in a Tan material eh?

A fun bike and it was so comfortable with that memory Foam too, something that you can do at home just like me.

Thanks for looking, I ship 6 days a week and this arrives in a 10X10X10 box with the slugs, ready to fit to your frame





Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in


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