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(HAND SOAP) Mechanix Mate Motorcycle Engine Oil Hand Cleaner BIG 32 Ounce Glass Dispenser


Hand Soap I designed and formulated to look like used Motorcycle Oil, but it cleans your hands so well.

For years I have used hundreds of different soaps and liquids to try and get my old hands looking a little cleaner than they have been, as you know, wrenching on Motorcycle Motors or Hot Rods or just handling parts, can be a messy job and I came to the conclusion that it was time that I came up with a cool concept but also a functional one for hand soap. Its been a while in the making and finally I have come up with the best formula to produce my own hand wash soap that fits our lifestyle, and I am now pleased to announce that the New Liquid Oil Soap is available for you to buy and use.
I am happy with the outcome of my hand wash and this is a fun idea that came to me when I was in a grimey frame of mind. I thought that this would make a super cool gift idea for the gear head in your family and it is made right here in my workshop.
I have tested this for about a month and I now use it all the time when I have been working on my Hot Rod or my Motorcycles and am happy to offer it to you lot. This comes in a BIG 32 Ounce Glass Dispenser and it weighs in at 3.2 Pounds.  A Real Heavy Weight Oil Soap. I have asked a few shops to try it and they liked  the way it worked.
“Mechanix Mate” is made with a naturally derived cleanser that is triclosan and paraben free, it has natural Charcoal base, that will make your hands feel supple again.



Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in


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