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Oil Pressure Gauge HONDA CB750 CB650 CB550 CB500


Read Direct Oil pressure with this Classic Gauge set up. Available in Classic Chrome or Custom Black Bodies.


I have been selling these Oil pressure Gauges for over 20 years and I still fit these on every Motorcycle I create, they are a timeless set up that really keep an eye on your blood pressure in the motorcycle.

This is a Classic series that are Alcohol filled and give you an accurate reading, and I swear by these set ups for my Oil pressure readings.

One of the most important add on for that inline Four of yours is this baby? Why? because this gives TRUE readings right from the Motor.

Well, you can instantly see if your motor is running strong, and the oil pump is functioning and not going to grenade.

This Alcohol filled oil pressure Gauge is a superb item for your bike, and you only need to just take a glimpse when the bike is running, to see what the internal pressure is and if its below 50 then check your oil.

You do need some mechanical ability to fit these, basically you remove the oil galley plug from the right hand side of your motor, up above and to the left of your points cover.

Center punch it and then drill with a 21/64th drill bit, any shop like Ace hardware etc will sell this.

Then use a 1/8th Tap (NPT) and tap the plug, simply apply Teflon tape on the threads of the adapter and then screw it in,.

I would screw the galley plug into the motor first, then the brass adapter with Teflon on the threads, then a little piece of Teflon on the gauge and screw that on, there, you are done, this is a 20 minute job or less and looks so cool but so functional and an important part for the CB750.or even cb500 and CB550 Honda’s for that matter.

Plus its a super trick looking part to add to your machine.

 I  fitted this on my show winning “Rice Boiler” its such an easy yet important part to fit to your inline four.
 Here is a little video I did.

I have sold over 100 of these over the years and will continue to offer this gauge set up, it not only looks good but it does a fantastic job.

So easy to fit and, a very important gauge to have an eye on, plus its really easy to see the pressure from your riding position.

I ship right away and you can be riding your machine in a few short minutes with this great attachment gauge to have on your inline four.


These are reliable and put together right here in California and a family business for many decades too, I love these oil pressure Gauges and use them when ever I can.



Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in