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This CR750 style seat base is just the thing for your Cafe Racer project, this will fit on 1970-1976 CB750K model bikes and you can use your old hinges, so the seat is still able to be lifted up to get to your battery tray and tools etc.

This seat is made from a strong composite and hand laid, I have sold over 300 of these units and shipped around the globe, this is a great seat base and will add more eye appeal to your ride for sure.

I have other seat bases that also will look cool on most applications, but this has the bumps all set for the right hand hinge set up of the 1969-1976 CB750K


I spent some time making this seat look really snug and I am happy with the outcome, the seat has the humps underneath that are molded for your original seat hinges to bolt to and then plop back on your CB750 K series HONDA from 1969-1976.

I have sold many of these and enjoy using this set up, as some people do not want to grind their hinges off, so designed this seat base to work with your stock set up.


These are now in BLACK gel coat and ready to mount, now I do not use the seat lock set up, I actually use a bolt that goes through the seat and into the top of the frame, as you will see a Factory drilled and tapped hole there and this locks the seat base in place.





Weight 6.2 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 12 in