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CB750-1969-1978 SOHC Custom Made Steel Battery and Electrical Tray


Cold Rolled Steel Electrical tray for any SOHC 1969-1978 ONLY

This tray set up has a lot of work involved and will fit CB750 K and F Models from 1969-1978 but this is if you are running a different oil tank as this is a Custom application, Right now I am having some steel bent up to incorporate the oil tank and Battery tray in one, but this is for a custom set up if you are using a custom oil tank.

014Well, Many of you email me asking about the seats, Oil tanks and all sorts of bits and Bobs, now I get asked for different electrical trays, I am not a fan of the boxes that sit on top of your motor like Santee used to make many years ago.


So here we are with a Steel Electrical tray that is made to simply plop int the frame rails with no hassles what so ever, but this version is if you are NOT using the stock oil tank, I have a New Oil tank combining a tray coming out next month.



These fit nice and snug and they are perfect to fit the Anti Gravity 8 cell Dry Battery in here and then you can also fit the Solenoid and regulator kit in the tray as well. these have nice rolled edges and really is a nice set up.


Thus all being hidden in the tray and the seat will hide the rest as it sits over the top, you simply Bolt or weld to the indents in the Original frame and you are all set.


Also using 16 gauge cold rolled Steel makes sure this aint going to go anywhere easily and its of sturdy construction with 1/8th inch tabs too.


You will be so thankful that you had this, rather than some Hodge Podge box above the motor and this is so functional too.


I ship 6 days a week and if you need any information about this, just drop me a line carpy@carpyscaferacers.com and i will make sure that I do my best to see what ever you need, failing that you can call me on 714-598-8392.


So, have a look at the photos and if you like what you see, grab one and fit it to your machine right away and clean that bike frame up.

This is ONLY for SOHC CB750 Honda Motorcycles, I have another page for the CB500-CB550 if you need one for that bike.


Thanks for looking.




Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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