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Carburetor 29mm Smooth Bore CR Special Honda CB750 SOHC


KEIHIN CR Carburetor is designed based on the rich experience gained through years of Race activities , It is a manufactured high performance Racing carburetor.
Engine promises a great run by improving Throttle response as well as Power up.


I fitted a set of these to Mike Dirnt’s bike of the Band Greenday, this bike seriously Hauled arse once fitted and tuned.

mikes bike

In addition, it has stable Throw system, with abundant Bore size and Setting parts,  You can fine-tune Carburetor setting over the entire range of use according to your purpose.
Starting system can be started easily and reliably with Starter lever system. At the same time, it has high durability and performance stability by a smooth ThrottleLINK using a non-lubricated Ball bearing and a strong connection method.


Since its launch, CR Carburetor Carburetor, which has been loved by many users for a long period of 20 years, has been supported since the CCR performance of FCR Carburetor Body Carburetor has appeared, as well as its high performance.

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