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Exhaust 4 into 1 CB750 SOHC Yoshimura style


The very best in performance and value for money- Also- Made in the USA!


Below you will see my Fantastic SOHC 4 into 1 Yoshi style performance exhaust system, this is by far the best value for money and the sound is right back from the 1970’s when these bikes ruled the world.  I have sold over 1000 of these to people all over the Globe and customers come back for more.


THESE are Now a 2 Piece- that makes it way easier to fit and to ship too.

Just listen to this exhaust, This CB750 had not run in 20 years, I fitted my Raw steel 4 into 1 exhaust system to her, changed fluids and added battery and she kicked into life, boy is this pipe Crisp.

I have sent these from as far as Russia to Iceland and always amazes me where customers find me, but good parts will get noticed and mine get noticed for sure.


 If you want something that screams Nostalgia, then stop right here and have a look at the photos and see if this set up is for you and your inline Four.  many have tried to copy but to be honest they just miss the mark and most of them are not int Motorcycles as such and just trying to make a quick buck.

Ours are built by Pro’s now and all jigged and these will perform and sound bloody marvelous and I continue to sell these all the year round and repeat buyers I may add too.

 These are raw steel but on this web page, you can order these Raw, or have the option of ceramic Coated in Black or Silver and they look tasty in any guise or color.

I have been designing and selling Motorcycle parts here in the USA for 15 years now and love what I do, not many people have the Passion and the drive that I have always kept, I look after you and help the best way I can.

If you are looking for a top class, specially created exhaust for your 750 Honda 1969-1978 S.O.H.C. then you have found it.

These exhausts are a replica of my Original old Yoshimura system that I used as the template a this sounds awesome.

The Bike above I created and shipped to the Customer in Seoul- Korea and he loves the machine.

I have a local company make these and they tend to make for other companies out there selling this style and they look and run really well.  The Bike above here I built for Hershey Chocolate.

As you can see, these will even fit the CB750F Super Sport model and no need for shims and all that malarky, these bolt right into the Cylinder head with Floating Flanges.Take a look and you will see, these are a tight frame hugging design and are available in raw steel right now, or I can get them ceramic coated in a week. Either way a great set up.

Now, there is 2 small down falls in having a performance pipe and that is on the sohc you cannot use your main stand, you can use the side stand OK but the main stand cannot retract, as it will foul the collector.

Also, you cannot use the stock passenger foot peg location as these sit almost i that area, but you could move the peg up and inch or cut the tubing on the exhaust back until she clears the peg, other than that these are unreal.

 Below Is a real Martin Honda CB750 that gets raced in Europe and a special we made for it.

These will fit CB750K and CB750F models.

These will fit from 1969-right up to the last SOHC the 1978 and have featured photos of them machines so you can see how universal these are for them great inline Fours.




 Another Super Sport Below but this time an F2 and no worries with it, fits tight and close just how the Old School versions were back in the day.


 Yes, this is a 4 into 1 that fits tight and you cannot use the Main stand but most 4 into 1’s are like this and Yoshimura’s were exactly the same.

These are built by Pro’s in the USA and boy do they sound awesome!  So, raw steel right now or wait a week and we can ceramic coat, your choice.

I love what I do here in Anaheim and continue to bring New products out all the time, so please keep checking us out for more new cool parts.

Below is some examples of our exhausts.

These will flow like no other 4 into 1 system in the world and we keep the prices affordable.

This comes with a 6 inch removable baffle as well and you will notice a smooth power range all the way through when you re-jet the carbs. Usually a Rule of Thumb is 2 sizes bigger on the main when you fit these.

We have sold well over 1000 S.O.H.C. models and people really enjoy the look and the snarling sound of these pipes of yesteryear.

I will be taking video and also some Dyno video later on, just to show you the flow and curve of this awesome set up.


If you want a great exhaust system and a real performing set up,  this is the way to go.

 Ask around and you will see Many people use my exhaust, from riders to builders and they all like them.

I am excited to use this system and  I will be adding photo’s on here. Let me know if you are interested in this exquisite Performance exhaust system.

I am taking orders at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com 714-598-8392

These cool exhaust systems come in Raw Steel, but if you require Ceramic coating – we’ve got you covered, as well as Stainless steel systems.

 This Cyclone now resides in Texas and boy does it sound crisp.


 This bike I created was built for Jason Freese of Greenday and he loved tearing it up and the sound was just Music to his ears.

Below, other Customers rides with my system on and they all dig it.

If you are looking to buy them in plain, raw steel – great, we’ve got those ready to ship out!



 We ship from my shop in Anaheim 6 days a week, in the USA we ship FED EX and outside we ship via USPS and I help on the Customs forms so you do not get hammered in Duty.

So- have a good long look at our exhaust system and if you like it, place an order, but, be sure to check out all the other great parts we offer on the site, as there may very well be other parts that you require.

Thanks for supporting a Local builder and creator in the business, I am a small business and like it that way. If you need any help, simply drop a Dime to me at 714-598-8392 and I will be more than happy to help you out.

You can also email me here at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com and I will return your email usually the same day.


 These look Great ceramic coated in Black or Silver and I am certain that you will enjoy my product as much as I do .

 They make a super gift too, so make sure you ask your bike riding CB750 Enthusiast what they want for their birthday.

 Just a few more photos to show you different machines these have been fitted too, as its always good to have as many pictures as possible for you to look at and see for yourself how these look and fit etc.


I have sent many of these all over the world, I make them affordable and also available right now, you cant get a better set up for this money.

Many thanks once more for taking your own time out to look at my website and I thank you for that.

Peace and Grease



Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 16 x 12 in