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Exhaust 4 into 1 CB750 SOHC Yoshimura style choice of Raw steel or 4 Ceramic Colors.

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The very best in performance and value for money- Also- Made in the USA!


Below you will see my Fantastic SOHC 4 into 1 Yoshi style performance exhaust system, this is by far the best value for money and the sound is right back from the 1970’s when these bikes ruled the world.  I have sold over 1000 of these to people all over the Globe and customers come back for more.

AVAILABLE IN RAW STEEL, CERAMIC COATED BLACK or SILVER, and Now Ceramic BURNT BRONZE and TITANIUM Ceramic as well as our offer of custom made Stainless steel systems too, cut and welded to a Fixture to make sure that the headers locate correctly and fit with ease, but the sound you will just love.

THESE are Now a 2 Piece- that makes it way easier to fit and to ship too.

Just listen to this exhaust, This CB750 had not run in 20 years, I fitted my Raw steel 4 into 1 exhaust system to her, changed fluids and added battery and she kicked into life, boy is this pipe Crisp.

I have sent these from as far as Russia to Iceland and always amazes me where customers find me, but good parts will get noticed and mine get noticed for sure.


If you want something that screams Nostalgia, then stop right here and have a look at the photos and see if this set up is for you and your inline Four.  many have tried to copy but to be honest they just miss the mark and most of them are not int Motorcycles as such and just trying to make a quick buck.

Ours are built by Pro’s now and all jigged and these will perform and sound bloody marvelous and I continue to sell these all the year round and repeat buyers I may add too, below is the New Titanium color we now offer.

This is a Classic look and has a metallic feel to it and am happy to now offer the Titanium Color to my series of color options for the exhaust systems of mine


I have been designing and selling Motorcycle parts here in the USA for over 18 years now and love what I do, not many people have the Passion and the drive that I have always kept, I look after you and help the best way I can.


If you are looking for a top class, specially created exhaust for your 750 Honda 1969-1978 S.O.H.C. then you have found it.

These exhausts are a replica of my Original old Yoshimura system that I used as the template a this sounds awesome.

The Bike above I created and shipped to the Customer in Seoul- Korea and he loves the machine.

I supply these with a Baffle but I do not pack the baffle with fiberglass, I like the raspy sound with no backing, but something you can change easily by adding muffler packing from any dirt bike establishment. Personal choice really.


These are a 2 Piece exhaust system and that makes it easier to fit and cheaper to ship as well, made right here in California. USA.

Here’s how they work—ceramic coatings and exhaust wraps help contain the gaseous heat within your exhaust pipes. This causes the gasses to heat up and expand. Since the exhaust gas is trapped within the system, it expands the only direction it can—out of the tailpipe. As a result, exhaust flow is boosted, allowing a rush of fresh air to enter the engine’s cylinders, increasing horsepower. Both ceramic coated headers and Exhaust Wraps improve horsepower, so let’s go over their pros and cons and see which one is best for you.

Ceramic Coated Exhaust Parts

This is a spray-on finish that’s infused with heat-insulating ceramics. It is not a DIY solution, these exhaust parts are coated at the factory, or sent to a facility with the proper equipment.



These will fit CB750K and CB750F  SOHC models too from 75-78 and you will love the flow of the system for sure.

These will fit from 1969-right up to the last SOHC the 1978 and I can sell them in Raw steel  so you can paint them or wrap them, I also offer High Temp Titanium Wrap kits too, so have it all covered, above is the Silver Ceramic on that Super Sport, as a Brushed aluminum look.

Exhaust system is supplied with a 6 inch removable baffle as well and you will notice a smooth power range all the way through when you re-jet the carbs. Usually a Rule of Thumb is 2 sizes bigger on the main when you fit these.

We have sold well over 1500 S.O.H.C. models and people really enjoy the look and the snarling sound of these pipes of yesteryear.


 Below: This bike I created was built for Jason Freese of Greenday and he loved tearing it up and the sound was just Music to his ears.

So easy to fit and boy, do they sound crisp and even and you will feel a power difference too.

I Now have A New Burnt Bronze ceramic coating now available and this is a super Custom look, almost a Metallic look and sure is a Custom style that I really like.

I am proud of these systems and continue to sell these all over the world, I really appreciate everybody’s cool input on how they love the sound and fit of these systems of mine. Have a look below at a set I have ceramic coated the headers, then wrapped in Titanium heat shielding and finished off with a Chromed rear tail pipe, you can see the Baffle too thats inserted and has an end cap, ALL exhaust systems I sell come with a Removable baffle, the system you see me with is now available too on my website.

Any questions about these systems, then drop me a line carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or you can even text me at 714-598-8392 as I am here to help.

Thanks once again for choosing my products and am stoked to hear from you and have many repeat customers.

Hope to hear from you soon, you can email or even text me on 714-598-8392 for a fast reply.





Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 16 x 12 in