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Fog Light Spot light Frame Bracket Black UNIVERSAL FIT HONDA HARLEY BMW etc


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I have always run a Fog or a Spot light on my Machines as growing up in the UK we have way more traffic in combined spaces and to be seen is to be safe.  So I started making these brackets over 8 years ago here to offer to people for their Motorcycles and what I want to do was offer the bracket as a Clamp on, I did not want any drilling as that can hurt the integrity of the Motorcycles structure, so Clamp on is the safest way.

Made right here at my place, this is ready to secure to your frame down tube or on a crash bar etc, easy to fit and set up and you are ready to get back on the tarmac in minutes.

I ship all over the globe and they fit in a priority flat rate envelope so shipping is cheaper than you would have to pay if another company made them.

I have attached some photos and these are the dimensions that you will want to know to see if this application will work for your Motorcycle.

Made from Carbon Steel, these are robust and will stand the test of time as I have had mine on my motorcycle for over 8 years now with no issues at all.

You can mount your light on top or below, the choice is yours but you will love this look and in Black, you cant even notice the bracket as it disappears from being a similar shade.

Available from me and I ship to you direct, none of this Chinese Rubbish, this comes with 2 stainless Mounting Clamps too, so you are all set.  I do sell fog and spot lamps but you may have your own?  Thanks for supporting me and I hope you like my Bracket for the light to be able to fit on your frame without drilling or welding.





Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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