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Polished Brake Caliper HONDA CB750K 1969-1976 SOHC REBUILT


Bargain basement always offers some cool parts and I thought I would offer them on my website, so first up, how about this front brake Caliper assembly, fully cleaned, then Vapor honed and then fully Polished to a Chrome finish. below is just what you see what I have to start with, usually pitted, and paint coming off and looking sad after 40 years of neglect.

These are always in bad condition and I totally transform these and are ready to use once again on your 500 pounder Motorcycle and they are a real Jewel in the crown of the inline four Honda.

Typically gummed up from old congealed brake fluid and in need of a total rebuild, these will be gone through and you wont believe the difference when I am finished with these.

Now these are cleaned and vapor Honed, these really are like brand new and I know that you will enjoy these when they arrive all polished and ready to fit to your steed.

Once these are cleaned, I hone them with a Rubber wheel and get them ready to have Rouge polish applied to buff them up to a show finish.


Unmistakably a serious piece of detail to your machine and all done right here at my place, I have been doing these for almost 20 years now and love to offer customers the same parts that I use on all my builds.

Proud to offer a limited amount of these to you,this come complete, with O-Ring, Piston and Bleeder, I do offer the brake pads on my website but you may already have your own?

A really nice touch to your machine, here is mine at the LA Show last week and it got a lot of attention thats for sure, and this work so much stronger when the are clean and have New internals.

Have a look and see if this is ideal for your machine? its a great part that has had a lot of time put into and I want you to get a quality piece for sure, Perfect for Custom, Brat, Chopper, Cafe Racer, Tracker or stock, this is a cool look and works like it was off the factory floor.

Thanks for looking and if I can help with anything else for your bike, drop me a line on here at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or you can even text me on 714-598-8392 and I will do all I can to help you out.

I love what I do and this is my passion and put over 100% into everything I do, this is a great set up and saves you all that hard work, smell, mess and of course time.

I also offer many many more parts for your 500 pound inline four, so keep checking the website out for great deals and parts.

Look below and you can see how these look before and after, and they are an enormous difference, I still have to polish them but they will be done by the end of the week for sure.

Night and day when you look at the results of Vapor cleaning, you cant take any risks with braking systems thats for sure.

Am pleased at the way they clean up but it takes some time to get it to this stage, but so worth it in the end and I wanted to show you how they look before I polish them up, some people like to repaint them Black but I have never liked them that way.

Looks how Crusty these damn things are, at first you will not even think to have a go at getting these cleaned up, but, they are so worth the hard work to get them like this below:

So, I only have a few of these, grab them whilst they last and you can concentrate on another part of your bike, knowing that this set up is really clean and done right.

Just add your own brake pads, I also offer these on my website if you do not have them.

What you get:

Completely Cleaned Caliper Body, with New O-Ring and Piston, as well as a New Genuine Honda Bleed Nipple, you just need to add your brake pads and fit to the bike.




Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


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