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Frame Adapter Kit, ( Side Rail ) 2 steel inserts.


A frame Side Rail set of inserts (One Pair) to allow easier access for engine removabilty on Honda CB750 1969-1978 SOHC

Well, if you are building a Custom Honda CB750, and you want some great modification options for the Chassis, there isn’t anything out there, I was the First to offer the Top frame Rail adapter Kits and have sold many of them, quite proud of that part and of course, all made here in California USA. I designed and manufactured that so it gave me easy access to the Valve Cover and Cylinder head if I needed to work on the Motor with the engine still inside the frame. Remember, this is your machine, I do Custom stuff to mine and people ask me if I will the same parts I use and thats what I have done.

Tape your Rail where you want to cut it.

Now, everyone knows how hard it is to pull that motor, I mean, 230 pounds is 230 pounds, but- when you have painted all your frame up and dont want to scratch it fitting the inline Four back in, is no easy task.  And many times it is just at the moment you are ready and nobody is about to give you a hand, I have fitted many of these over the 19 years here and still get back ache to prove it. This is for ANY model CB750 from 69-78 and is a Custom application, please use a certified Welder to attempt this procedure.

Looks Dramatic I know but seriously, this is a great way to access the Motor for your Custom, Obviously this is no Sandcast Model frame so the restorers can breath easier.

So, as I was building the Vesco Honda, I wanted to add all my parts to the bike to show how they fit and look etc, I have cut the top rails and fitted my adapter and thats such a great set up, but this time I wanted to be able to take the right side of the frame rail out for even more accessibility to the motor and for a quick removal style of the old race bikes.  Also – I am painting the frame a Bright Silver Metalflake Silver, and do not want to scratch it at all as Candy paint is so hard to match.

Remove any Burrs and hone the inside of the tubing and push fit the insert into each end of the frame rail.

Hence the reason for this side rail adapter Kit that I came up with, this makes things a whole lot easier, especially if you have to take a motor out and fit back on your own.  As I said, this is a Custom set up, so I know the restorers wont be interested but this is a great idea and I am glad I went ahead with it, it turned out super cool and right now the frame is at the painters.

Make sure that you chamfer the edge of tubing to allow for stronger weld penetration.

Now thats all sorted and you have cut the frame rails, I take just about an inch off each end of the tubing, this allows for the length of the insert, then plop inserts in the tubing in the rail and frame by hand, and test fit, I cut a little long just for that reason but an inch should be bang on to be honest. Great for the Cafe Racer, Custom Show Bike, Brat Bike, Street Tracker,or  Drag Racing machine that you are creating.

Here is the frame all test fitted, I put the engine mount Bolt in to keep the distance bang on.

Above, as you can see, the kits are fitted and I am happy how they look, now its time to weld them up and get these ready for the next stage of my build.

All welded up and cleaned all the 40 years of paint from the frame, so I can now get this prepped and ready for the Custom Metalflake Silver Candy paint that this will soon own.

As you can see, this now is all welded and complete, it sure will save me time and every Custom I create I think I shall add this to make my own life easier, I am stoked at the outcome. I chamfered the ends of tubing then drill a small hole into frame to allow to also add a stronger spot weld and then the Vee groove gives way better penetration.

So there it is, the HONDA CB750 SOHC frame from 1974 with My Custom frame kit added to the Top and side, I sell the top kit on the website and now this side kit is available, you use your original side rail of course. below is the side rail completed on my own machine.

This is a great way to be able to have easier access to your inline four and I was happy to be able to use it on my creation last week.

The bike turned out great too and many cool comments about the Honda Four.


Disclaimer: These inserts are Professionally manufactured, the fabrication and welding of these parts to your application must be by a qualified welder, use a jig where possible to allow for any shrinkage, we accept No responsibility for frame alteration, this product is for the use on Custom Motorcycle’s. it is up to you to adhere to any safety laws that may be applicable in your area. We are Not responsible for your welding or application of this product and cannot emphasis enough to use the services of a certified welding technician for application. Custom/Show Bike application only.



Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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