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This time I am still sticking with the Tiki style of artwork and wanted to include it as a Hot Rod flavor as I really dig Hot Rods and the lifestyle etc.



So this was painted by me on some Acrylic sheeting that I had laying around, I used the good old ONE-SHOT enamel that many Hot Rodders still use to day.

This is 18 inches in height and 12 inches wide and ready for framing.

If you dig Tiki art and anything automotive, then you may just like this.

It has a cool look to it and this actually took me some time to get painted as there are many colors on this that I mixed up to get that shade etc.

This can go anywhere, be it a house, a workshop a man cave or a cool retro gallery, you will like the strong colors that jump out at ya.

I sure hope this goes to a good home, it was fun painting this and definatly something that will catch the eye of the person that is in your place.



Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 2 in