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This is a logo I designed some 10 years ago and still selling strong, many have put these on their jackets all over the globe.



Made from 100 % Cotton, these patches have stood the test of time, I use them and will always use these and glad you like this product.

These are High Quality Patches that are manufactured right here in California not over sea’s.



The colors are strong and resistant to the Harsh U/V’s that we get here and I have had this one 10 years.


These are perfect for your leather jacket, Messenger bag, or anywhere you want to sew this Patch on and will last for many many years.


I thank you for your support, I am a one man shop and always appreciate your business.


I will be designing some other patches, so keep checking back and if you need any information you can contact me at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com .





Weight 0.11 lbs